Bed time reading, it’s sweet really.

Its going to be a little slow around here for a while, and it’s looking like it’s all about Sabriel/Garth nix. He is by far one of my top three authors, so yes I will always talk about him and his books. Right now however my boyfriend, Steve, has agreed to read Sabriel. I love him, he puts up with me and all my books (stacked everywhere).

What makes this especially special, is that we are trading off each night reading a chapter aloud. I like this, it would be nice to continue reading like this, everyone loves a bed time story. At what point does someone become to grown up to be read to? Right now that isn’t an issue, it is nice to read and be read to before bed, it’s a bonding experience and I love it. Makes going to bed even sweeter! (We have no TV in our bedroom, but plenty of books and hand held gaming systems).

One can expect an updated review on Sabriel as soon as we finish reading it. I did put my other book down to read Sabriel, that does tend to happen sometimes with me, sorry Dresdin!


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