Miami International Book Fair 2014

Is anyone else going to the Miami International Book Fair this year? I sure am!

Not only am I going simply because it’s so much fun, but I am going to be conducting interviews for my colleges newspaper as well. I am also hoping to get a few story ideas for my Journalism final assignment.

If anyone is interested in going let me know, I have two single tickets, one for Patrica Cornwell on Monday the 17th at 6 pm and a ticket with Anna Rice at 8 pm that same day. 🙂

The Book Fair has more going on then just vendors and used books. There’s also food, shopping, kid friendly activities as well as yoga. Join us this year in Downtown Miami around the Wolfson campus, MDC.


Time for an update to the event! The above photo was from the first evening my photographer and good friend Jillian and I attended the Fair. The first stop, The Swamp to meet The Biscayne Poet who took the time to write a beautiful poem for each of us. Thank you Oscar! (should clarify, my step mother is Spanish, I am not, lol)


Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus recently hosted Miami’s 31st annual Miami Book Fair International; from Nov 16th to Nov 23rd. For those not familiar with the event, it’s for families as much as it is readers. From author readings along with Q&A’s to food trucks and face painting, there was something for everyone going on at the book fair.

The most exciting for yours truly was the Festival of Authors, which kicks off the weeklong event. Having had the opportunity to sit in on Patricia Cornwell was enlightening, her books have inspired such shows as NCIS with their use of medical examining techniques as the forefront for her novels as medical/crime fiction.

Following Cornwell was the most anticipated author session—the mother of gothic fiction/fantasy—Anne Rice. Her assistants were hosting a small costume contest prior to the evening’s events, hosted through Twitter, in which many of the fans dressed up as various vampires. The contest winners, Andrea VanDerPlaats and Kayla Easton had the most spectacular costumes, they were inspired by Luis and Lestat from Rice’s novel Interview with a Vampire. Their reward: to meet the author backstage and have a personal signing of their books.

More than 1,000 fans showed up that night to see Rice—who was a participant in the original MBFI in 1984, which was then called Books by the Bay. After her session, many fans partook in a Q&A session with the author, including myself. With my one question, I asked Rice why she originally published some of her books—such as the erotic novel The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty—under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure.

“I did it to be free,” she replied. “I couldn’t be Anne Rice, people would have expected a certain kind of novel and I had to be anonymous. I also didn’t want my father to know.”

The line for Anne Rice’s sought after john hand-cock was impressive, as was Maggie Steifvater’s, I was able to obtain both authors signatures. Even better was that Mrs Rice was signing double for fans! My good friend Jillian had her sign a DVD case for Interview with a Vampire.

Some other events that went on through the week included a session with The Biscayne Poet, Oscar Fuentes, who hung around The Swamp writing poetry for event goers. Lots of music could be heard around the block well into midnight with food vendors outside The Swamp. Each night of the week there were different authors talking about their published work as well as offering to sign copies of their books for fans. In the shadow of Wolfson campus plenty of tents held various self-published authors, artists, and book stores such as Books & Books, TATE’S Comics as well as Creature Entertainment Studios.

For those with small kids there was plenty of family friendly fun too, located at the Children’s Alley, where this particular writer took the time to get her face painted as well. After all what’s a fair without face paint?


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