TBT with Green Darkness

Years ago now, maybe three or four years, I was bargain book hunting at a beautifully large used book store in Houston Texas while waiting until I needed to get to the airport for a flight. I had some time to kill and though, hey, I could always use another book for my sixteen hour flight to China. As my boyfriend rolled his eyes and walked down a different aisle in the hopes of hurrying me along, I found Green Darkness, by Anya Seton, just waiting for my hand to graze the spine and catch my fingers waiting for that moment for me to find her.

I read this book, oh yes, and I have read it since and cannot wait to come back to when I have the time to read her again.

This novel is written as two stories about one set of lovers. Reincarnation is the driving force of this book, with Celia and Richard at the heart of it. It starts in what would be considered as 20th century England where Celia revisits their torrid love affair in their past lives. The connections are clear, with other people who play key roles in their past to their present lives. The first time they meet and fall in love they are in Tudor England under King Edward the Fourth. Going back and forth it really is spectacularly written. This novel is based on real people where the author has gone to certain homes and looked back to be sure these people actually existed, and truly they were in love, this book is written as historical fiction.

This is one of those books I enjoy buying again and again to gift to those whom I know to be avid readers as this was a great book, one I will forever keep on my shelves to revisit time and again.

If you do read it, please I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

About the Novel
This unforgettable story of undying love combines mysticism, suspense, mystery, and romance into a web of good and evil that stretches from 16th-century England to the present day. Richard Marsdon marries a young American woman named Celia, brings her to live at his English estate, and all seems to be going well. But now Richard has become withdrawn, and Celia is constantly haunted by a vague dread. When she suffers a breakdown and wavers between life and death, a wise doctor realizes that only by forcing Celia to relive her past can he enable her to escape her illness. Celia travels back 400 years in time to her past life as a beautiful but doomed servant. Through her eyes, we see the England of the Tudors, torn by religious strife, and experience all the pageantry, lustiness, and cruelty of the age. As in other historical romance titles by this author, the past comes alive in this flamboyant classic novel.


6 thoughts on “TBT with Green Darkness

  1. emegla22 says:

    As a fellow reader, I’m sure you can relate to the power and “awesome-ness” of bookshelves. It would be amazing if you could check out my blog and my latest post entitled “The Portal to Escape,” about what I just mentioned. It would mean a lot, thank you! 🙂


      • emegla22 says:

        I’ve actually never read Green Darkness, but based on how you have described it, it definitely seems like a book I would be interested in reading! I also really like the way your review was written, very easy to read.


      • kbsdesigns says:

        Thanks, I’m still trying to work on writing my reviews so I don’t give spoilers or sound crazy enthusiastic. 😀 This book was amazing, check out a used book site with free shipping in the US called http://www.thriftbooks.com cheap CHEAP books 😀 made life easier since I’m usually broke 😛


      • emegla22 says:

        Wow this site definitely looks useful, thank you! If you have a Half Price Books where you live, I would also recommend that – possibly my favorite place to go ever!

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