So You Want To Be A Wizard by D. Duane

So You Want to Be a Wizard
(Young Wizards #1)

Author: Diane Duane

Reading Level: Middle/YA

Genre: Adventure Fantasy

Released: July 1st 2003 (first published 1983)

Review Source: HMH Books for Young Readers

Something stopped Nita’s hand as it ran along the bookshelf. She looked and found that one of the books had a loose thread at the top of its spine. It was one of those So You Want to Be a . . . books, a series on careers. So You Want to Be a Pilot, and a Scientist . . . a Writer. But this one said, So You Want to Be a Wizard.
I don’t believe this, Nina thought. She shut the book and stood there holding it in her hand, confused, amazed, suspicious–and delighted.

If it was a joke, it was a great one. If it wasn’t . . . ?

This was one of those books you never forget first reading, and I am ashamed to say I haven’t finished this series. I was in sixth or seventh grade when I stumbled across another in this series called A Wizard Abroad and I LOVED IT. So, I doubled back and started form the first and got to A Wizards Dilemma. That moment, I’ll never forget it, combing through my middle schools library eagerly hunting my next read. Suddenly, there it was, one novel by Diane Duane, it started my love of her writing.

The novel opens on a young girl, Nita, hiding in her local library, hiding from some bullies she just escaped from, and suddenly her hand stops on … “So you want to be a Wizard”. She thinks it a joke at first but takes it with her to read, and shows it to her best friend Kit, and together they discover magic is real and alive and they embark on a journey to learn magic together. Not to sway anyone from reading this but the characters develop and grow into wonderful role models and it’s such a whirlwind adventure each different from the next. Each novel address real lie issues in a way without it being preachy but leads though the characters trials and errors and shows how the dealt and moved on, but this novel and series is so much more!!


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