Juggling a few at one time

A lot is soon to happen and I want to apologize for my recent absence this last month. My summer classes have finally wrapped up and I’m slowly recovering. I’ve got a brief two weeks before my fall semester kicks up. I’ve got two more books to finish and return to a friend (we swapped). In the photo below is the next book I’ve been gifted and need to read for the next book club meeting. Best of all to our surprise the author signed all the copies and might be at the next meeting. I’m super excited! The book is Ascenders: High school for the recently deceased by C.L. Gaber. All we know so far is it’s a book about high schoolers in the afterlife, still in high school. I wish i knew more but I didn’t want to spoil it before reading it, for myself. Haha sorry guys, going to have to read it yourselves or wait for the review! For the occasion I created some custom bookmarks, shows in the photo below too, coffee/tea cups with little tea tags. 10986639_10102358153673118_5263896800712197204_n


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