You Slay Me – Katie MacAlister

I gotta say,  enjoy reading fantasy/paranormal romantic comedy novels but this one was an absolute fun read. it has action and adventure without all the cloak and dagger being all dark and twisty, but there is still plenty of underhandedness going on (wink, wink). If you are a fan of Bob from The Dresden Files you’ll love Jim, the demon minion. The love story aspect in the book reminds me of what happened between Buffy and Angel, the heart wrenching, knowing they are meant to be yet however they are not together. WE KNOW BETTER WHY DOESN’T SHE!!! (to drive the reader crazy and keep them glued to the page in the hopes it turns out as we all hope it does, and it better). I will note, without it being a big spoiler that Aisling Grey (heroin, name pronounced Ash-lin) is a guardian, and coincidentally a Wayvern’s mate among other extremely rare titles that just crack me up as only in Anime/Manga or fiction novels where the main character is the all in one. Her mate in the novel, Drake is one sexy dragon man.

This was such a fun read I had trouble putting it down, I stayed up till 4 A.M. last night to finish it, only to realize this wasn’t a stand alone novel, but a series. While I enjoy indulging in characters and a long twisted story line, I thought this was fantastic all on it’s own and had wish it ended differently. Not saying the ending was bad, I will most likely pick up the second book if my friend has it (as I borrowed this copy from her).

Back of the book

Aisling Grey is a courier enjoying a free, work-related trip to Paris when she learns she’s a Guardian. That’s a keeper of the
Gates of Hell, for those who don’t know. She finds this out from Drake Vireo, who’s scrumptiously sexy-at least in his human form. Now Drake has stolen the package Aisling was sent to deliver, and she must track him down, get the package, and try to resist the passion boiling inside her.


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