Amy’s back, and things are heating up quickly between her and Jackson, the werewolf who’s been camping out at her place to keep an eye on her should Makenzie (her so called BEST FRIEND) ever makes contact with her.

Karina Espinosa knows how to draw in her audience, and giving them little tid-bits is only going to make her fans turn into a frenzied pack of hungry readers.

I always want to know more about the side characters around the main characters, after all they do so much besides trip and fall in the clutch of a chase. Amy is a great character, with many realistic flaws, who’s relatable. If you’ve ever had that one friend, who’d help you bury a body or just sit and eat donuts while you’re in tears, Amy’s it. Worse is since Makenzie’s up and left her, in the middle of a mess with wolves circling, literally, Amy’s stuck in a hard lonely place. One good thing is there’s plenty of eye candy, one in particular who might provide some much needed distraction. However Amy’s not sure what her feelings are about him, let alone how he really feels about her or whats going to happen to her five minutes into the future, there’s so much going on and only so much she can worry about.

Want to start reading things from Amy’s point of view? Start with the first short here, and now that the seconds been released you can find it here.


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