Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie’s finally gotten word of what happened to her Cousin Hadley, she’s dead. Which bums out our dear Sookie, but then again they weren’t too close. Now she has to go into Louisiana to sort through her cousins vampire affairs, and she has to meet and greet the Queen of Luisiana herself.

Thanks to Eric, Bill is in the worst dog house he could find himself in, with regards to Sookie (but I won’t spoil that to much more) TAKE THAT BILL!! I would love for Eric and Sookie to work some stuff out, but it’s looking like that shifter from the last book is pertty serious in making Sookie his, Quin is in the running for her heart now.

This one’s right up there with book 4 as a favorite within the series. I like Quinn, and hope he’s a good guy because I dig him. Bill, well, poor Bill… but not really. As always, I root for Eric, and still place my bet on him!!!

I’m thrilled with the novels so far, loved the show but yeah it’s not the same
at all by this point. That’s okay because really I like the book better, as always, but the show stands on it’s own as a separate thing entirely. I’m surprised it took six books to bring up Sookie’s heritage, I’m hoping for more info about in the future!

Back of the Book

As a person with so few living relatives, 5175m82i73lLouisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse really hated to lose one. But she never guessed that it would be her cousin Hadley—a consort of the Vampire Queen of New Orleans. After all, technically speaking, Hadley was already dead. And now, as unexpected heir to Hadley’s estate, Sookie discovers the inheritance definitely comes with a risk.
Someone doesn’t want Sookie looking too deeply into Hadley’s past—or for that matter, Hadley’s possessions. And they’re prepared to do anything in their power to stop her. But who? The range of suspects runs from the Rogue Weres who reject Sookie as a friend of the Pack to the Vampire Queen herself, who could be working through a particularly vulnerable subject—Sookie’s first love, Bill.

Whoever it is, they’re definitely dangerous—and Sookie’s life is definitely on the line.


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