Korean TV Series After School: Lucky or Not (S2) Review

After School: Lucky or Not – Season 2

방과 후 복불복

Director: Jun Yong Woo 전용우

Writer: Park Hye Young 박혜영

Starring: Han Ji Suk as Han Ji Suk, Alice as Song Joo Hee, Kang Tae Oh as Kang Tae Poong, Gong Myung as Gong Myung, Yoo Il as Yoo Il, Lee Tae Hwan as Han Jae Hee

Nov. 26th 2014; 12 episodes

Official Socials: FacebookInstagram
Drama Fever – Twitter

#방과 후 복불복2



School’s back in session, and everybody’s favorite group of boys (reprised by the idol group 5urprise) are back for a new semester of extracurricular antics.

This season, the magical mentors reassemble with their newly elected leader (played by Song Joo Hee of Hello Venus), a bashful student who quickly discovers a new breed of cram school that’s full of wondrous adventures and life lessons.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

Drama Fever: 4.5 out of 5 stars!

My Drama List: 7.3 out of 10!



Netflix doesn’t have season one of Lucky or Not: After School, they do have season two and that’s what I’m focusing on for this review. While I hear season one is funnier, I will have to watch it on YouTube to really get my own opinion of it.

This season is a new take on the pick-a-mission club. The characters are refreshing, with new personalities. Tae Hwan & Tae Ho changed their names from the first season, and Eun and Kang Joon didn’t act in the 2nd season because they were busy with other dramas. This is not a continuation of season 1. This show has many different titles, but keep in mind it’s intended to be light and short, a mini drama, for viewing on your mobile (manga style).

The season opens with a rather insignificant person asking to join the club, grovelling if you will. In translations it’s called “pick-a-mission club”. The show focuses on five good friends, who prove themselves by doing the challenges set forth in the club, then a girl and her friend (he reluctantly joins, for her) join the club. She starts to draw out of herself.

Its a fun show, and I really enjoyed it. The guy with the baby, keep in mind isn’t really a student, he skipped town to be with his friends and took his baby brother with him, and this just made it even funnier.


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