TV Series No Tomorrow Review

No Tomorrow

TV Series (2016–2017)

Developed by: Corinne Brinkerhoff

Distributed by: CBS Television

Starring: Joshua Sasse, Tori Anderson, Jonathan Langdon

Number of Seasons: One (1)

Official Socials: FacebookTwitter

Hashtag: #NoTomorrow

Evie, a risk-averse quality-control assessor who falls for free-spirited thrill seeker Xavier only to find out he lives his life that way because he believes the apocalypse is coming.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

IMDB Rating: 7.2 out of 10 stars!

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 89% overall!


No Tomorrow is a fun show, it’s a Rom-Com while trying to be apocalyptic. See, the show focuses on Evie, whos a little too organized in life. She meets a rather handsome man (and I mean HANDSOME), named Xavier (with an X), and while she gets to know him she weighs her options, run away screaming into the arms of her ex boyfriend (where it’s safe and reasuring) or fully accept this man and all his crazy theories about the world ending in just under eight months!

Turns out, she decides to give him a shot. He is after all, good looking and laid back and adventurous. She needs a little of that in her life, and together they work on checking off goals from their Apokalist’s. Think bucket list, only for the end of the world.

Despite it’s popularity, viewership has gone down, and producers are having to really look at the numbers to see if they will give the show a second season or cancel it outright. The background characters should be brought to the forefront more, as they are hilarious, I really liked Hank (Evie’s coworker), he is hilarious.


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