Japanese TV Series Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

イタズラなKiss~Love in Tokyo

Created by: Tada Kaoru (manga)

Starring: Miki Honoka and Furukawa Yuki

29 March – 19 July 2013; 16 episodes.

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When it comes to academics, Kotoko isn’t very bright, but she falls in love at first sight with the handsome, intelligent Naoki at their high school entrance ceremony. As a third-year student, she writes him a love letter, works up the courage to give it to him… and is flat-out rejected by Naoki. But then one day, Kotoko’s newly-constructed house is destroyed by a falling meteor.

During the period of reconstruction, she and her father are invited to stay with one of his old friends. However, as it turns out, that old friend is one Mr. Irie, father of Naoki. Despite living together, Naoki is as disdainful as ever. But Kotoko presses on with the battle to win him over. Amid twists and turns in the tale, the day that Kotoko has wished for finally comes to pass!

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars!

IMDB Rating: 8.0 out of 10 stars!

My Drama List:  8.1 out of 10!


This show has everything it needs to be a hit, I mean just look at how cute the posters and photos are of the actors and such. However, I might have been spoiled by the Korean version of the show called Playful Kiss (review coming). This show is is based on the Japanese manga Itazura Na Kiss written by Tada Kaoru.

The Japanese series is the fifth television adaptation of the manga, following the Japanese Itazura Na Kiss in 1996, the Taiwanese It Started with a Kiss in 2005, its sequel They Kiss Again in 2007, Korean’s Playful Kiss in 2010, the Thai kiss me in 2015, and the Chinese Miss in Kiss in 2016. I MUCH prefer the Korean’s version, as I saw it first and it’s LOADS better, in my humble opinion. Which is shocking to say, since I’m usually such a big fan of Japanese drama’s. This show can be overly sweet, and that’s something I look for when there’s a manga adaptation, yet the Korean version kicks butt!

This particular adaptation did have a sequel, I have not yet watched it, Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo. I gave the show a rather low rating, simply because I prefer the other adaptations out there, but the Japanese version is still a cute fun watch.


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