Sewing Project pt. 1


I have taken the plunge, again, to work on a rather large quilt for one of my best friends. They are getting married and hopefully I can complete the project in time, and I’m crossing my fingers it comes along nicely as a wedding gift.

20170101_174619.jpgI started with about 4 packs of jelly rolls, 2.5″ by 40″ long in various shades of white to grey, with some shimmer! The dimentions I’m aiming for is a King quilt, 114″ x 120″.

The pattern I’m working with is by Missouri Quilting Co. and it’s called Serendipity! Video for the tutorial is down below, check out their YouTube channel, it’s amazing.

First I laid everything out to see what I had to work with, then set them aside; light-dark-medium.

20170217_151937Then I went a little crazy and drew the top pattern in Photoshop, so I could print and color it. I’m trying to see how I’d want to lay the colors out. I’m going to be working with Blues and Greens, reminiscent for Slytherin and Ravenclaw!

So I spent some time doodling!

20170217_224647 Then the real work started, sewing my jelly roll strips together.

It’s a long process, but simple and relaxing. I went a little on the thick side, with 3/8th’s of an inch for my seams. You really could use 1/4th of an inch but I’m committed.



Check back soon for part 2 of my project, and see how long this will take. So far its been a week or two, but that’s between classes and really the most of this got completed ┬áthis weekend.


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