Welcome back to part two of this particular quilting adventure!

A large part of quilting, is puzzles! Only, this time you’d cut your own puzzle pieces before assembling them. I will not even attempt to count how many of these I have now cut. I cut everything into 6×6 inch squares, or as close as I could get, I’m not perfect.

Then I went ahead and made a fun run to Jo Ann’s fabrics. Sorry Michael’s art store, your sales and selection can’t even come close to Jo Ann’s in regards to fabrics.

I only needed about 5 yards of colored/patterned fabric for my O’s or center squares. Yet of course, I bought 6 yards (three of each color, blue/green). Better safe then sorry, what if I ruined something and needed replacement fabric?! Gotta love scraps.

Once I got home, I was itching to break it all out, but that too needed to be measured and cut down into 5×5 inch squares. I totally messed up the first cut, but figured it out and kept moving forward.

I will admit, I sewed my strips a little on the larger seam side, and that’ll hurt down the road but home made is home made, it’ll be made with love not by a machine, mistakes will be made. Cutting everything took a whole day. I’d like to say non stop but I needed breaks and to eat. I’m also not a morning person so you know, started at like 11 am. The ironing I cut in half, only ironed so many of each just to get things started.

Want to see what they will look like when pieced together? Check back next time to see the patterns start to unfold. I’ll get busy sewing my ironed triangles to my strips.


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