Custom Order Painting & Cover Art


Super excited to have completed a custom order, for a good friend of mines. She was looking for something I want to say similar to African art but with a pop of color, reminiscent of a goddess if you will. Not sure where to start we kept bouncing ideas back and forth and then I started painting.

I typically sketch what I want for overall lines,and I was inspired to do another interpretation of an African woman wearing a mask, in Picasso’s cubism style again. I felt it appropriate with the mask and would make excellent lines.

Then came the fun bit, color! Lots and lots of color, but I also wanted texture to some extent. Of course I was inspired by other works of art I found on Pinterest, and I always try to emulate, not copy, other artists work. Below photos show it’s coming along. From above to just below, it was completed that far within one day.

Since it is painted by hand,mistakes can be found but many times flaws are only seen by those who make them,she didn’t see any and I’m thrilled she loved it. She took the photo, and it’s better than I expected. I’m also SUPER excited to say, her Uncle plans to use the artwork for the cover of his book! I look forward to seeing a physical copy and to see my name within a publication as the cover artist.


Looking for some custom work for your home or office,possibly as a gift?
Send me an email and I’d be more than happy
to make something work for your needs and budget.


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