Make Up Magic!


I won’t name names, but my sister commissioned me to help disfigure her face (with make up) into a deranged nurse for her high school lock-in, as part of some creepy carnival theme… how they have a nurse I don’t know but we had a lot of fun with it.

I’m terrible, I didn’t put the photos in any particular order, and I totally missed taking a before photo. Ah, learning experience right there, ha.


My phone can be a bit blurry when taking photos (selfies). She was thrilled, we added the black eye to her other eye, really drive it home. We also managed to get the coke can in such a way that she can see out of it.


Materials used:

BEN NYE Liquid Latex
BEN NYE Stage Blood
THE BALM Meet Matte Trimony Palette
Make Up For EverUltra HD Foundation

…and one cut up soda (or beer) can.

Update: 8 hours later and this is still going strong.

Overall I loved how it came together and it’s held up extremely well. I’m thrilled that in this photo (you can see) she can see you within the can! It took maybe an hour (or less) to get it all together.I’d call this a positive attempt and I’m thrilled.


I uploaded her images to a fun sub-reddit for artists to use for drawing inspiration. I thought this being a bit different might mix it up for them. So far everyone’s had a lot of fun with it! What do you think of their drawings?!

redditgetsdrawn submissions


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