Drawing Fan Art – Book Characters


Does anyone else find they get drawn into new projects before others have been completed? It can’t just be me. I will admit I’m an avid reader, and sometimes I get carried away with grand ideas and fun designs I have a need to make a reality. So I started doodling, maybe it’ll be a print, maybe it’ll be a watercolor, but right now I need to draw it out.

Can anyone guess which characters I’m drawing, or what book series they might be from with just these rough sketches? (My notes might give them away!)

Now I’m not sure how others do it, I have a small circle templet I can trace but I needed larger circles and I couldn’t get the detail I wanted in Photoshop (I could have gone larger but didn’t). I tried to, as you can see below and it worked yeah to an extent, but sometimes,you just gotta do it by hand to really it right.

After printing some of the main details, I sketched my book characters over and into place. Haven’t figured it out yet? It’s a fantastic series, I reviewed the books previously.

The next step I took was taking out some hand tracer paper, it’s always a good idea to have even a small cheap booklet on hand. I did have shaky likes for the circles, but otherwise everything else fell into place! I will admit, the gentleman sketch was a little more than taxing until I realized I was having trouble because I didn’t know what I wanted him to wear, have a plan people.

Once everything was inked,well inked enough I was ready to move on, I scanned everything back into a digital medium. I managed to easily enough layer my red circles and really fix my drawn circles. I wanted a blue book initially in her hands (I’m a fan of beauty and the beast), but realized red was so much the better choice (you’ll see why). The colors of course still need tweaking, and it’s not completed yet.

I am not done with either of these drawings, I have BIG plans for them both, and the third yet un tackled image I showed of them hugging it out up at the top. A good friend of mines has been a big help, Rasaki, in helping where I need guidance (I love his style of art), as well as a friend I’m getting to know a lot better as she’s recently fallen in love with the books and we have both had a lot of fun with it, looking at your Jordan!

Spoilers: The characters are my interpretation of Vhalla and Aldrik from the book series Air Awakens by Elise Kova. Look into the books, seriously. 

Keep an eye out for a future update of the completed images and the amazingness I have planned for them! Have you drawn fan art? Lets see some!


2 thoughts on “Drawing Fan Art – Book Characters

    • kbsdesigns says:

      You and my best friend, haha! I had intended on pinning the design or making stickers and prints but with summer classes I had to step back for school work 🙂 So far they do look good, thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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