Netflix Original- Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City Review

Terrace House; Boys and Girls Next Door

テラスハウス ボーイズ&ガールズ イン・ザ・シティ

Presented by: You, Reina Triendl, Yoshimi Tokui, Azusa Babazono, Ryota Yamasato, Kentaro

TV Series Two seasons

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#terracehouse @TerraceHouseNetflix

A new set of six men and women start their lives together under one roof. All they get is a fabulous home and a car. As always, there is no script.


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

IMDB Rating: 8.2 out of 10 stars!



Initially I really enjoyed the show, and I still am (almost done with season two). However, I have noticed that the way Netflix is hosting the show is different from the initial Japanese show. Where it’s a new set of characters every season, for 18 weeks long Netflix kind of rotated them. As characters decided to leave, others were brought in to keep the six guys and six girls dynamics, and even extended the show.

While I enjoy the characters, I would prefer to keep to the standard show format. This show is nothing like Jersey shore, and I didn’t expect it to be. People move in, live together and see how relationships pan out. Since its Japanese the dynamics have a lot of in between the lines moments, it’s quite and awkward and I loved it. A few other people have mentioned they weren’t a fan, it moved too slow and the like but as I’m a big fan of Japanese culture and shows, I didn’t have any problem with the show and the people involved.

 I really, really loved the panel of guests who watch and talk about the show both before, in between and sometimes after each episode. I haven’t fully grasped who they are in Japanese entertainment, possibly actors or comedians. I found them hilarious, they talk shit and make fun of the situations and weigh in with their understanding and interpretations of certain situations, all comedic gold.

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