DIY Book Cozy


I have some wonderful friends in my life, and it’s an honor when they think of me and I get a surprise in the mail. This week I was gifted a Book Protector (I’m still not clear on the name for it). I looked it over, it’s lovely, and my books especially are ready to call it home! However, as always, I deconstructed it mentally. I thought, I can make this, with all due respect I LOVE IT and now I want to try making a few of my own. Christmas is, after all, only six months away!!

Now, I need to make clear that it does cost less to buy one. IT COST LESS TO BUY ONE than to make one, but if you wanna make one then follow me.

I measured out an okay size, 7.5″x10″ looked pretty good. You can use any book you have in mind, a common size or a tablet to use. Remember to leave some room for various sizes at least an inch. Of course I cut before really thinking it through, but I made it work in the end. A quick trip to Joann’s and two yards of fabric later and some foam.

DIY Craft Project making Book Cozy

Now I did get over excited to make it, and you can see in the images I wasn’t to clean with my edges. That’s also where colored sewing thread comes into play, I might pick up some invisible thread. I did flip it out-side-in again and sewed just inside again to clean everything up and it works! Below is a paper back copy of Harry Potter inside it, no books come in different sizes, find one that’s right for the majority of your needs.

Book Cozy by Kathleen Stebbins on Dust Jacket Reviews Crafts Project DIY

Happy sewing! If you have any questions just comment and I’ll do my best to clear anything up 🙂


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