Now selling Fandom Book Cozies!


Fandom Flair has been busy at work, not only making pins and key chains, but making paperback (tablet) protectors! These cozies are the key to your book protection needs, they are also great for iPads, tablets and e-readers!!

Image of Fandom Book Cozies

New patterns and fabrics every month!

Typically all orders are made standard at 10″ by 7.5″ ~ good for most books, paperback and hardcover. If you are looking for a smaller, or larger sizes reach out through email and we can make it happen.

small size: 8.5″ x 6″
*Standard size: 10″ x 7.5″
Extra large size: 11″ x 8.5″

Looking to protect your paperbacks from your purse or backpack? Or perhaps you are loaning a book and want to be sure its safe while checked out?

This months fabrics are shown below, looking for something in particular? Let us know!

Image of Fandom Book Cozies


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