Christmas in July ~ Crafting Stockings!


We are back with a new smaller project that could be completed within a day or a weekend if one so chooses. I had a fat quarter stack of flannel Christmas fabric I picked up over memorial weekend while visiting my wonderful and knowledgeable grandmother. She didn’t know what to do with the fabric and gave to to me!

I decided to dabble in a Christmas quilt, but first before I jumped off the deep end (again) I wanted to try working with the flannel fabric as I’m used to cotton typically. It does have a bit more movement to it but over all it’s okay, I noticed that ironing out the creases proved more difficult than fabric despite my use of Best Press Linen Spray Starch (I love it).

The photos I tried to keep in a certain order, but I didn’t take all the photos I could have and I’m still teaching my self to remember to do so. The below photo is showing how important it is to iron everything, and really use as many pins to hold everything as you feel necessary, don’t skimp!

Laying it all out, Dust Jacket Reviews a Craft Project, Christmas Stickings

This photo could have gone first, it shows the pattern I used, I picked it up from another blogger Sew Scrumptious Fabrics, the pattern is available here. I should have paid more attention to her tutorial, but I did it on a whim and made it my own. Overall, I am pleased with it!Dust Jacket Reviews Craft project STOCKINGS

Don’t cut out batting for the cuff part, really it makes it too thick to go under the foot of the sewing machine what with four complete layers of batting. I didn’t want to sew that bit by hand either, I suppose one could do this without any batting but I had a bit of a remnant from a previous project to use up. I ended up ripping seams to get the extra bit back out after I realized my mistake.

I also like to use batting spray to help hold small projects in place, it can be really sticky so spray carefully! I also choose not to do the stocking as they did, I don’t mind a bit of fabric on the inside no one will see. Stacked everything, insides facing each other and sewed all around then flipped it out, ta-da!

Stack everything together, Dust Jacket Reviews Craft project

I started with the green one, had plans to swap the red inside with the green inside but didn’t in the end, they feel nice and soft and aside from needing a spare bit of ribbon and a button, they are ready to go!Finished Project! Christmas in July by Katie Stebbins at Dust Jacket Reviews a Craft Project


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