Sewing Project – Part 3


Ever heard of testing a strip, trying something before you jump in? It really is a good idea to do the same when quilting, start small and work your way up. Lets consider this project for all intents and purposes, the learning quilt, that’s it’s new name. Everything that should have been done, I didn’t. Where as what could have gone wring, it did. What a beast, and I have loved it!

  • Use an many pins as you need, don’t skimp!
  • Learn to chain, it saves on thread and headache and makes things run smoother.
  • Measure three times, cut a million. My math was WAY off multiple times and I kept going back to make more bits and squares, and somehow I still wound up with three left over big blocks. How? No idea.
  • While I didn’t… for the love of everything, check your completed blocks and cut them back down to size. It caused a headache of corners and centers not lining up, but it is home made and it’s just got to work now.

Now it is just a matter of adding my boarder, and getting it ready to be quilted and add the final touch, the binding!


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